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I pledge to learn the true cost, to people and the planet, of what I eat, wear, drive, use and do every day. I choose to consume justly and to increasingly change my habits.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Just Sew: White Sheet Challenge

Week Three of Project Run and Play challenges everyone to create an outfit using a white sheet.  My sketch for this came pretty quickly.  I knew I wanted to use polka dots and stripes, and had hoped to employ resist dye techniques (for the first time) to get them.  Unfortunately, it did not seem like the results would come out as crisp as I would like, so I resorted to painting the fabric instead.  By utilizing tips I picked up on HGTV about painting designs on walls (tutorial found here) I got the really clean patterns I was hoping for.

This look's second life will be The White Rabbit when I show my Alice in Wonderland collection next week (!!!!) during the First Friday Gallery Cruise.  I was inspired by the classic John Tenniel illustration above for the color scheme and the collar detail.  I also ended up adding a little seam detail in the front inspired by Handmade Martini's Macaron Dress that seemed to be everywhere this last month.  I am so happy with how this outfit came out and cannot wait to add the finishing touches to transform it next week.


  1. Love the fun colors and your inspiration!

    1. Thanks! The full get-up as the White Rabbit pictures should be up next weekend.